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As we head into warmer weather and start thinking about summer activities for our kids, camps come to mind.  I have such fond memories of my nine summers at sleep away camp and it played such a big part in me growing up to be who I am today, that I want to make sure no parent feels they have to keep their kids out of camp due to health and safety concerns.

While it is worrisome for all parents to send their kids off for the day, or even the entire summer, to be supervised under someone else’s care, it is particularly troubling for parents of kids with celiac disease and food allergies.  Will the camp counseling staff take the proper precautions to feed our kids safely?  Who will be watching out for them at every meal?

Thankfully, many camps exist that are completely gluten free and yet others implement the strictest precautions to serve children gluten free within a larger community of those who don’t have to eat gluten free.

Here are some examples of gluten free camps as well as resources for finding camps you can feel comfortable sending your children to:

Week-long Celiac Camps:

Children’s Celiac Camp – Celiac Disease Foundation

Camp Celiac – Northern California

Camp Celiac – Rhode Island – Celiac Sprue Association

Gluten Intolerance Group Kids Camp – East (North Carolina) and West (Washington)

Camp Weekaneatit – Georgia R.O.C.K

Camp Gilmont – Texas

Camp Manitou-Lin – Western Michigan

Other Resources:

Gluten free friendly camps for kids and teens – National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

To find full summer day camp and sleep away camp programs that cater to gluten free children, visit the American Camp Association website.

The best way to find a camp, though, is to get references from people you know in your gluten free community whose opinions you trust.


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  2. I was not able to find any Gluten Free Camps close to us (Montreal, Canada)
    To bad … it sounded too good to be true!

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