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Join Me for a Twitter Party: Fruits and Veggies–More Matters


(Disclosure: The Cans Get You Cooking program is a client of mine, and the Cans Get You Cooking program is partnering with the Produce for Better Health Foundation on this Twitter party.  I am being paid to co-host this Twitter party.)

Please join me, the Produce for Better Health Foundation and Cans Get You Cooking for a Twitter party–Wednesday, September 2nd at 4pm EST!

The focus of the party is to celebrate Fruits and Veggies–More Matters month, which is all about sharing advice and tips about how we can eat more fruits and veggies, which we all know is integral to our health.  I will be acting as co-host, sharing practical tips and useful information so you and your family can eat more fruits and veggies.

Hint:  With a little bit of planning, it’s a lot easier than you think!

All you need to do is show up on Twitter following the #MoreMatters hashtag.

Thanks so much for joining us!

Sun Basket: Meal ingredient delivery service for special diets

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(Disclosure: I received a complimentary set of ingredients for three meals from Sun Basket.  I was not paid to write this post or promote the service.)

I’m sure you are aware that meal ingredient delivery services are all the rage.  And, why not? They do all of the ingredient prep so you can make fresh meals at home.

I can’t say that I’ve tried many of these delivery services, but I did have the opportunity to receive a complimentary set of three meals from Sun Basket, and I was highly impressed!

Here’s what I love about the general concepts offered by Sun Basket:

  • They provide fresh, organic ingredients from local Pacific Coast farmers, ranchers and fishermen
  • They source organic produce, sustainable and humanely-raised poultry and meat, and wild, line-caught fish from responsible farmers
  • They provide ingredients and recipes for special diet meals, including gluten-free, paleo-friendly and vegetarian…and, in my experience, they did it really well
  • They share the names of the farmers they purchased from for the package of ingredients delivered, and even shared the story of one of the farmers!

Here’s what I loved about the ingredients and recipes:

  • The recipes are innovative, using interesting ingredients and allowing nice diversity from the meals we tend to make over and over again at home. The recipes I received ingredients for included:
    • Steak with roasted broccoli romanesco, purple potatoes and tomato basil salsa
    • Cinnamon chicken with cantaloupe-cucumber salad
    • Coconut-braised shrimp with red curry paste
  • The recipes were easy to follow, as well as easy to modify/adapt for taste preferences. For example, my husband doesn’t like coconut so we were easily able to eliminate the coconut milk as a braising liquid, yet keep in the red curry paste to flavor the dish
  • You could taste the quality of the ingredients.  The sirloin steaks, chicken and shrimp were so full of flavor!!!  The herbs, which were plentiful in all dishes, were fresh and full of flavor.
  • Fruits and vegetables were abundant and interesting.  We loved tasting the broccoli romanesco, purple potatoes and pairing cantaloupe to the chicken dish
  • The portion sizes were just right for fulfilling, nourishing meals.  In other words, these were healthy meals, portioned right

As you know, my motto is to share what I love.

Sun Basket was generous to provide all of my readers with a promo code to receive $20 off a delivery.  Here’s the link: local?offer=EATWELLSB

Enjoy!  And please let me know about your experience by leaving a comment below.

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