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Mornings Matter


Welcome to my meditation mat.

I share it with you, because meditation is at the center of my morning routine.

My morning routine matters, because it is essential to my success, both personal and business.  It’s what allows me to be centered, to be focused, to meet my daily goals, and to follow healthy habits all day long.

And your morning routine matters, too!  It is the time of day before you leave the house where (almost) everything is still under your control.

I urge you to spend your mornings wisely.  Use this special time to set a positive tone to your day.  Use it to do the things that matter to you–the things that aren’t likely to get done once you walk out the door and your time is not fully your own.

I know it’s tempting to get in as much sleep as you can, and then rush out the door. However, when you rush out the door you are in a manic state and your brain isn’t focused. The day hasn’t even started and it’s already somewhat out of control.

In other words…

Make Your Mornings Matter.


A typical sunrise from my front door in Boulder (lucky me!)

By no means am I saying you have to start a meditation practice.  Just do what it is that makes you feel good and in control of your day.  That might be a personal yoga practice, a run, preparing a healthy breakfast to fuel your day, or even just quiet time with a cup of coffee and the morning news.  Your morning routine is yours, so do whatever it is that sets your day off right so you are more centered and can accomplish your daily goals.

Trust me, it’s worth waking up a few minutes earlier to get your personal time in.  You’ll be amazed at all the other good things that follow.

And no, it’s not a selfish thing to do.  Doing something for yourself that makes you better is just as good for everyone around you.  As they say, a happy mom (or dad) is a happy family.

Join Me on the Journey.


Trailhead – Chautauqua Park, Boulder CO

The reason I share this with you is because when I moved from New York to Boulder, CO almost two years ago, my new life in a new place and at a time when I was traveling often left me without my daily morning routine.  Every time I thought I was getting back to it, I would be off on another business trip and off my morning routine.  While I absolutely love my new life in Colorado, I do believe my lack of morning routine has gotten me off focus and off center.

So, I am rededicating myself to my morning routine–my morning meditation and the routine that surrounds it.  There isn’t much research about how long it takes to create a daily habit, but a study from University College London shows that, on average, it takes about 66 days for a habit to become automatic, meaning little energy is required to perform that daily habit.

I am on day five of making meditation my daily habit.  My goal is to meditate every morning for 66 days straight, and beyond.

If you’d like to start a morning routine that matters, please join me for the ride.  I’ll be sharing my journey on my social media platforms by sharing the hashtag #morningmatters.

I’d be remiss in not thanking Morgan Dix of, because it was his podcast that gave me the structure and reasoning to go on my 66-day journey to making meditation my daily habit.  A keystone habit, as he and other experts call it.

If you would like to learn How to Turn Meditation Into a Keystone Habit, check out Morgan’s podcast.  It really is fantastic.  If you’re not interested in meditation, I’m guessing you can apply what he says to developing any keystone habit.

Let me know if you’ll be joining me by providing a comment below, sharing what your morning routine will be centered around.

Thanks for your support!

#RepealTheSeal – An Update on Academy Action


(The image above represents a small sampling of the many voices who have spoken up in support of the #RepealTheSeal campaign. While we are unable to post each image here, we thank each and every person for their support and commitment to calling for a resolution on this issue. ~Rachel Begun, MS, RDN)

Earlier today, Regan Jones, Kate Geagan and I posted the following update to the supporters of the #RepealTheSeal petition on I am reposting that update here with a personal word of thanks to all of you who reached out to show your support of this campaign, as well as to share your words of encouragement. As the update below states, the public forum by which we launched this campaign has always been grounded in the desire to spark real change and press for decisive and timely action.

#RepealTheSeal – An Update on Academy Action

In launching the #RepealTheSeal campaign and starting this petition, we have remained committed to creating a professional and respectful platform for RDNs to express their concerns about this issue to the Academy. This public step was taken only after multiple formal channels were followed during our respective careers on similar issues to little response.

We decided to speak out publicly because we believe credibility is everything. We also believe that our organization is stronger when we take action to make it better. Our intention has always been to be a spark for change and to fight for the principles of our organization and our profession.

In March 24th’s Wall Street Journal article — — the Academy stated that it “is working toward changing any perceptions of endorsement.”

To our ears, this means the Academy is keeping their decision intact and continuing to explain the rationale, rather than taking meaningful steps to keep the Kids Eat Right (KER) logo off product packaging, as was requested in our #RepealTheSeal petition.


#RepealTheSeal Impact
Without all of you, we couldn’t have achieved the overwhelming impact that we have, including:

  • More than 11,000 signatures — composed primarily of RDNs, Academy members and dietetic interns
  • Millions reached through social media — the #RepealTheSeal hashtag has been shared on Twitter to more than 1.7 million accounts, which represents almost 5 million total possible impressions
  • More than 40 blog posts — Academy Members, Dietetic Students and Health Professional Blogs have voiced their concerns through their blogs, reaching tens of millions of online readers

We are deeply grateful to all of our colleagues and fellow RDNs who have added the power of their voice, both publicly and privately, to express disagreement over the Academy’s decision to allow the KER logo on food packaging.


Call to Action
To date, the Academy has not responded with the actions requested in our original petition. A resolution on this issue may only come if your pressure remains strong. Email your State and DPG Leadership and ask that these petition requests be addressed by the Academy now, and not pushed back to future meetings.

Thank you to all who have supported this petition.

Rachel Begun MS, RDN
Kate Geagan MS, RDN
Regan Jones RDN

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