Can you be overweight and have celiac disease? | Rachel Begun, MS, RD

All celiac disease patients present with weight loss, right?  WRONG.  According to a study conducted at the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, entitled High Prevalence of Overweight and Obese Adult Celiac Patients in the Midwestern United States, 22-32% of adult celiac patients are overweight or obese.  This is important for everyone to know, so that our friends and loved ones can be properly diagnosed as quickly as possible.

The same study showed the older the patient at the time of diagnosis, the more likely they were to be overweight or obese.

This begs the question, are overweight people more likely to be misdiagnosed due to misconceptions that celiac disease only causes weight loss?

I’m sure we’ll learn more over time.  For now, let’s keep it in our arsenal of facts to help raise awareness about celiac disease.


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