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Rachel Begun Food and Nutrition Solutions, LLC Disclosure Statement

[Policy updated as of September 2014]

Site Intent:

Information presented on this site is intended as an informational representation of the nutrition and communications services provided by my company, Rachel Begun Food and Nutrition Solutions, LLC, and the various brands owned by Rachel Begun Food and Nutrition Solutions, LLC, including The Gluten-Free RD and A Grain of Salt.

The Gluten-Free RD is a blog written and edited by me, Rachel Begun, MS, RD. On occasion, blog posts are written by guest writers. Their views are their own and I cannot account for their corporate relationships. Their websites will always be shared so that you can view their personal disclosure policies.

A Grain of Salt is a podcast program co-hosted by myself and another registered dietitian nutritionist. We sometimes have guests on our program. The opinions of my co-host and our guests are their own. Please defer to their websites for their personal disclosure policies.

Sponsorship, Compensation, Advertising:

When I am compensated to provide opinions on products, books, services, websites or other resources on my website, blog or podcast, I will disclose according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines at the bottom of the blog post and/or within the podcast.  When I am not paid for a post or podcast, but have received complimentary product samples from the manufacturer, author, book publisher, etc., I will also disclose according to FTC guidelines. I will only endorse products or services that I believe, based on my taste and expertise, are worthy of endorsement or of a giveaway. I never promise coverage in exchange for goods or services.

When I conduct a giveaway or contest on my blog or other social media channels, I am not compensated by the company providing the prize, but the contestants entering do so for the opportunity to win something of cash value. In these situations, I use the hashtag #spon or #sponsored in my social media posts and advise the contestants to do the same.

Brand Affiliations and Relationships:

In addition to blogging and podcasting, I freelance as a nutrition communications consultant, which sometimes has me acting as a public/media spokesperson for my clients. When I engage in endorsing their products through writing, social media posts or media interviews, I will clearly disclose my relationship according to FTC guidelines.

Companies/organizations I currently work for, or have worked with in the past 12 months include:

– Appetite for Health
– Can Manufacturers Institute
– Enjoy Life Natural Brands
– Feronia Forests/Vertical Water
– Flik Independent School Dining
– Food Management/Penton Media, Inc.
– FoodMinds
– Gluten Intolerance Group of Asheville
– GNT USA, Inc.
– Ingles Markets
– Institute for Integrative Nutrition
– Linhart PR
– Mars, Inc.
– Naturipe
– New Hope 360
– National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
– Porter Novelli
– SOYJOY/Pharmavite
– Sterling-Rice Group
– The Taunton Press
– Uncle Ben’s


I am proud to have pledged my support for ethical communications and consulting at rds4disclosure.org. Your trust is very important to me! If you have any questions about information shared on my website, blog, podcast, social media channels or media interviews, please contact me at rachel@rachelbegun.com.