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Guest Blog Post by: Alexandra Oppenheimer, RD

Easter Candy

With Easter around the corner, you probably have a million things on your “to do” list… grocery shopping, getting ready for house guests or packing to head to the in-laws… and then there is sifting through a whole new season of Easter candy food labels.  Don’t let reading candy food labels consume your holiday prep time!  Here is a list of popular, recently confirmed gluten free Easter candies gathered by to help you narrow the search. 

While this list is a great resource, it still does not replace the need for double-checking the food label.  Since processing techniques are subject to change without notice, causing labels to be outdated, I urge you to use this as a “point-in-the-right-direction.” For a resource that is updated frequently, check out

Here’s a list of popular Easter candy that is gluten free…

Cadbury Crème Eggs: although identical packaging, some allergen statements list “May contain peanuts and/or tree nuts” while others state “May contain peanuts, tree nuts and/or wheat.” suggests avoiding those that may contain wheat. 

Reese’s: Peanut Butter Candy Egg (34 g), Candy Egg snack size, Candy Egg 6-pack (204 g), and Cup Miniatures. 

Jelly Beans: too many to type!  Check out the Jelly Bean list!

Peeps: Blue, Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink and Yellow Bunnies (in 4, 12, 16 units) and Blue, Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink and Yellow Chicks (in 5, 10, 15 units).  Plus, a few other specialty peeps (check the list). 

Dove: Dark Chocolate Bunny (solid), Dark Chocolate Eggs, Milk Chocolate and Almond Eggs, Milk Chocolate and Peanut Eggs, Milk Chocolate Bunny (solid), Milk Chocolate Eggs, Milk Chocolate Eggs with Caramel Center, and Milk Chocolate Truffle Eggs. 

M&M’s: Bunny Mix Almond Chocolate Candy, Bunny Mix Dark Chocolate Candy, Bunny Mix Milk Chocolate Candy, and Bunny Mix Peanut Chocolate Candy. 

Starburst: Original Jelly Beans, Sour Jelly Beans, and Tropical Jelly Beans. 

Necco: Candy Eggs (4-pack), Marshmallow Egg Crate, Marshmallow Rabbits, PAAS Decorated Candy Egg, PAAS Painted Fruit Snack Eggs, Tiny Jelly Beans, and Tiny Tangy Wabbits. 

Many thanks to for providing this wonderful resource.

When talking about candy, the dietitian in me has to make a nutrition plug: Look for candy that provides a little more nutrition and not only sugar. Candies with dark chocolate provide great disease-preventing antioxidants and ones with peanut butter, peanuts or almonds provide some protein and heart-healthy fats.

Happy Easter!!  Do you know of other gluten free candy to add to the list? 

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