23 Summer Salads

Grilled Corn & Zucchini Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette, www.goodhealthgourmet.com

Grilled Corn & Zucchini Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette, www.goodhealthgourmet.com

I recently shared with you one of my favorite summer salads--a Cole Slaw with Toasted Sesame Oil Vinaigrette--because it is the salad I make all summer long, no matter what the occasion.

So, I reached out to my healthy recipe developing colleagues to ask them to share the salads they enjoy all summer long...so you have an endless number of recipes to show up with for family dinners, neighborhood barbecues and special celebrations.

My colleagues didn't disappoint (and I thank each one of them for contributing). The round-up of recipes shared here includes every type of salad you can imagine--from those offered on a bed of greens to those featuring vegetables as the foundation to potato-, bean- and grain-based salads.

All of summer's bounty is covered--from berries, cherries and watermelon to tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and zucchini.  Our favorite summer proteins are represented as well, including grilled steak and chicken and delicate sea scallops.  

Whatever the occasion or summer ingredient you're craving, your salad needs are covered from Memorial Day through Labor Day!

(Note to the gluten-free: Almost all of these recipes are gluten-free just as they are shared.  I've noted below where a recipe may contain an ingredient with gluten, but which is easily substituted for a gluten-free version.  Please review and use ingredients carefully and at your discretion.)

Leafy Greens Salads

Kale Italia Summer Salad - Jenna Braddock
Thai-Style Herb Salad with Grilled Chicken - Meg Beste Salvia (use GF soy sauce)
Baby Kale and Cherry Salad with Grilled Halloumi - Rachael Hartley
Spring Strawberry Salad - Natalie Rizzo
Strawberry Spinach Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette - Lauren O'Connor
Roasted Potato Kale Salad - Judith Scharman
Healthy Taco Salad - Megan Byrd (use GF taco seasoning and hot sauce)

Vegetable Salads

Grilled Corn and Zucchini Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette - Marjorie Gabriel
Broccoli Slaw Salad with Flaxseeds and Hemp Seeds - Amy Gorin
Cucumber and Tomato Salad - Catherine Brown
Cobb Salad with Microgreens - Diane Norwood
Zucchini Carpaccio - Wendy Jo Peterson
Scallops with Corn, Tomato and Basil Salad - Jenny Shea Rawn
     (use a GF seasoned rice vinegar)
Mexican Street Corn Coleslaw - Laura Rutledge
Tomato, Corn and Avocado Salad - Brittany Poulson
Summer Salad featuring Watermelon and Avocado - Wendy Kaplan
Easy 5 Ingredient Tomato Salad - Kara Lydon
Summer Steak Salad with Champagne-Shallot Vinaigrette - Jessica Levinson

Potato, Bean and Grain-Based Salads

Mom's Mustard Potato Salad - Kaleigh McMordie
Quinoa Tabbouleh - Katie Cavuto
Provencal Bean Salad - Sharon Palmer
Veggie-Packed Potato Salad - Jill Weisenberger (use a GF seasoned rice vinegar)