The Brandless Life

Brandless™ is an online retailer selling non-branded, better-for-you products. They remove the costs of branding so you pay less. And they donate a meal to Feeding America® every time you make a purchase on their site.

Book Recommendation: Read It Before You Eat It

Book Recommendation: Read It Before You Eat It

Read It Before You Eat It is a practical and easy-to-use resource to help us better understand food labels and make smarter decisions in every aisle of the supermarket. 

When It Comes to Seafood, The Benefits Outweigh The Risks

Eating seafood has become complicated.   Here is what you need to know to keep nutrition, safety and sustainability in mind so you can enjoy and take advantage of the health benefits of fish and shellfish.

#GiveHealthy - A Better Way to Donate Food

Food drives are the most popular way for people to help fight hunger in the United States.  Well, the food drive is getting a makeover...and #GiveHealthy is leading the way.

Forager Project - Organic. Plant-Based. Delicious.

Forager Project aims to make the world a better place through organic, plant-based, delicious foods we can all believe in.

Expo East 2017 - My Three Favorite Finds

No theme.  Just three products that I was attracted to for their value proposition and which delivered on my expectations for great taste, whole ingredients and good nutrition

LoveTheWild - Fish for Good

A sustainable frozen seafood kit company that is challenging all of the obstacles to why people don't get their two servings of fish per week.