Are We Overlooking the Most Important Ingredient for Eating Healthfully?

I don’t find it a coincidence that our chronic disease incidence continues to rise as we spend more and more time counting protein, fat, carbs and calories, more and more money on the latest it ingredients and supplements, and less and less time sitting down to meals with family and friends.

20 Recipes Rich in Plant Protein

If you are conflicted by the wave of plant protein products hitting the market—having to choose between what’s best for your personal health vs. what’s best for the planet—here are 20 recipes rich in protein made from whole, plant-based ingredients.

Tips for Living Gluten-Free For Life

May is celiac disease awareness month. A fact not often talked about is that, for many, all isn’t honky dory after going gluten-free. Here are four tips for living gluten-free and healthfully for life.

Balancing Tastes Is Just As Important as Balancing Nutrients

As a nutrition student, I learned about balancing nutrients. In culinary school, I learned something equally as valuable: the importance of balancing tastes for good nutrition.

Book Recommendation: Read It Before You Eat It

Book Recommendation: Read It Before You Eat It

Read It Before You Eat It is a practical and easy-to-use resource to help us better understand food labels and make smarter decisions in every aisle of the supermarket. 

When It Comes to Seafood, The Benefits Outweigh The Risks

Eating seafood has become complicated.   Here is what you need to know to keep nutrition, safety and sustainability in mind so you can enjoy and take advantage of the health benefits of fish and shellfish.