#GiveHealthy - A Better Way to Donate Food


To eat better food we must support better food. Here, I share the people, ideas and organizations making our food better. By supporting them, we can be a part of the solution to our global food and nutrition challenges.

#GiveHealthy is a movement using crowd-feeding technology to make it easy to donate fresh food or sponsor your own fresh-food food drive.  Here are the partners supporting the #GiveHealthy movement.  In full disclosure, I am a #GiveHealthy advisory board member.  It is a volunteer position.  I do NOT get paid to support the movement.  I just want to share the platform because I believe it can make something that is already good--hunger relief--even better.

If you are an individual looking to donate healthy food or a company, school or organization looking to organize a healthy food drive, it just got logistically easier to donate food and, better yet, to donate FRESH food.  Through an e-commerce like website page, you choose the healthy foods you want to purchase for donation and they get delivered directly to the hunger relief organization of your choice.

For those organizing a food drive, you "build" your very own website page to offer the items your organization of choice is specifically asking for, and #GiveHealthy takes care of the delivery.

If you are a hunger relief organization, you get to identify a list of the specific foods your constituency needs and it will be shared with food drive organizers.  #GiveHealthy will let you know when an organization is supporting you, deliver all of the donated food to you, and provide a list of the donors once the drive is finished.

So people and organizations interested in helping fight hunger can donate nutritious options for those in need...because we all deserve the chance to choose healthfully.

  • People facing hunger experience a disproportionately high risk of diet-related disease, including obesity, type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

  • Traditional food drives are often limited to non-perishable food donations. While non-perishable items can be healthy, often times what is donated is highly processed and low in nutrition.

Any time you want to donate food to combat hunger.  The holidays are a fantastic time to #GiveHealthy.  We all love gathering around the holiday table with friends and family.  #GiveHealthy is a great way to give the gift of health and good memories to others. 

This is the best part, because it can all be done right from your computer. Here are the #GiveHealthy links for food drive organizers and hunger relief organizations.