My Perfect Day In (and around) Seattle


My perfect weekend/vacation day is not setting the alarm, sitting down to a leisurely breakfast, spending the day in the great outdoors, and enjoying a delicious (gluten-free for me) dinner.  Simple, I know.

If this sounds like you, too, then here is a perfect day I experienced in Seattle.  

After enjoying a nice breakfast at the hotel restaurant, our outdoor adventure began with a short drive (about 30 minutes) to Issaquah, WA, where the trailhead begins for the Poo Poo Point Trail on West Tiger Mountain.  It was an absolutely stunning day without a cloud in the sky.  The trail shaded by the Northwest evergreens was just perfect.  

Darren and I are pretty experienced hikers, so I would rate this 7.2 mile roundtrip hike as moderate in challenge and relatively easy in technicality.  The trail takes you to an opening at the top with a beautiful view of the valley below. It is also a launching point for paragliding enthusiasts so it’s fun watching them prepare for a ride.


We enjoyed lunch in the town of Issaquah, and then headed back to our hotel in downtown Seattle.

The ending to my perfect day was just as awesome.  Everyone knows Seattle is known for it’s great fish and seafood, so the sushi lover in me set out to find a highly recommended Japanese restaurant serving high quality fish and doing it gluten-free.  

In my search, Eater Seattle listed Sushi Kashiba as one of its 38 essential Seattle restaurants.  I gave Sushi Kashiba a call to see if eating gluten-free would be a possibility, as many sushi restaurants cannot accommodate gluten-free dining.


They assured me that because they focus on serving traditional Japanese-style sushi that highlights the quality of the fish—and doesn’t dress sushi and sashimi in sauces—that it would be easy for them to accommodate me.  They reassured me that the rice was gluten-free and they offered tamari.

The quality and preparation of the fish at Sushi Kashiba is the real deal for any sushi lover.  The fact that I felt safe while enjoying top-notch sushi was a rare and very much appreciated experience.  My server knew exactly which ingredients were in each dish, roll, and piece of fish offered.  The one time she wasn’t sure she asked the chef and he made a quick change, which was just as delicious.

To boot, they brought out my tamari separately and in a different looking dish from what regular soy sauce is served in.  Kudos to Chef Shiro Kashiba for offering an awesome sushi experience while having both a front- and back-of-house that is well-trained in gluten-free and allergy-free service.

It was a great way to refuel after a day of outdoor fun.