Would you like a more clearly defined nutrition communications strategy that informs all decision making, creating alignment amongst stakeholders and ensuring credibility with consumers and influencers?

Do you want employees better versed in the nutrition issues relevant to your products and services so they can make informed decisions and effectively communicate with both internal and external stakeholders?

Are you interested in offering consumer affairs and customer experiences that are positive, avoid legal issues, and share consistent messages?

Do you need help creating scientifically-credible yet consumer-friendly content for your packaging, website, social media and corporate communications materials?


In today’s environment, defining your company’s food and nutrition strategy is essential to success. It creates alignment among every step of the product/service lifecycle—from innovation to brand positioning and messaging to industry thought leadership and consumer and stakeholder engagement.



My combined experience as a nutrition expert and communications professional makes me uniquely poised to strategically advise organizations as they define, implement and communicate the food and nutrition strategy best suited to their mission and contribution to the marketplace. I partner with organizations focused on innovative approaches to creating a healthier and more sustainable food environment, including food brands, commodity boards, industry associations, health advocacy organizations, foodservice and hospitality providers, public relations and marketing agencies, and food system collaborations.

Core capabilities include:

  • Nutrition strategy development
  • Brand positioning and key message development
  • Platform and program development and implementation
  • Consumer and influencer outreach and engagement
  • Problem solving and decision making facilitation
  • Associate and stakeholder education
  • Education event planning