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Rachel Begun



Would you like a more clearly defined food and nutrition communications strategy that informs all decision making, creating alignment amongst stakeholders and ensuring credibility with consumers and influencers?

Would you like to be an industry thought leader that creates dialogue, raises awareness and inspires action?

Are you seeking to build community with other food systems change-makers?


In today’s environment, defining your company’s food and nutrition strategy is essential to success. It creates alignment among every step of the product/service lifecycle—from innovation to brand positioning and messaging to industry thought leadership and consumer and stakeholder engagement.



As a food and nutrition communications expert and passionate advocate, I partner with organizations focused on innovative approaches to creating a healthier and more sustainable food environment, including food manufacturers, commodity boards, industry associations, advocacy organizations, foodservice and hospitality providers, and food system collaboratives.

Core capabilities include:

  • Food, nutrition and sustainability strategy development

  • Higher purpose/mission positioning and key message development

  • Platform and program development and implementation

  • Consumer and influencer outreach and engagement

  • Problem solving and decision making facilitation

  • Experiential event planning

Education and Events

Are you seeking a passionate and well-prepared speaker (or moderator) for your next inspired event?

Do you need a seasoned food and nutrition writer to create content for trade and consumer publications, blogging, social media outreach and engagement, corporate communications and/or marketing materials?

Would you like to educate your internal stakeholders to build cultural alignment within and ensure credibility in the marketplace?

I believe you can commit to your individual, authentic health needs while also being a part of the solution to our food systems challenges. That’s what I aspire to inspire.



My three goals when providing education are to 1) create dialogue; 2) raise awareness; and 3) inspire positive change. Hearing a single expert’s point of view is great, but I prefer dialogue and coalition building, because I believe we are better informed and become more effective problem solvers when we see a problem and its solutions through many points of view.  Attending events are a dime a dozen these days. I am passionate about planning events that take people out of their everyday routines and into spaces and environments that inspire them to act.

Core capabilities include: 

  • Public speaking, with a keen focus on moderating conversation

  • Private education and training for associates and stakeholders

  • Content creation

    • Trade and consumer publications

    • Blogging

    • Social media engagement

    • Corporate communications and marketing materials

  • Experiential event planning



Are you looking for an authentic, credible voice to represent your purpose-driven organization?

Do you want a passionate expert to help move your mission forward?

Are you looking for an advocate to help inspire the change you want to see in the world?


I represent organizations selectively. I know it’s the right fit when our values align and I can share my nutrition expertise and authentic voice to help move a mission forward.



Having worked on both sides of media—as a public relations professional and savvy media spokesperson—I understand what it means to be an effective third-party partner.  There is a nuanced balance to sharing credible science, being true to your personal values, and publicly supporting an organization’s mission.  I selectively represent missions in which I can authentically and simultaneously do all three. 

Capabilities include:

  • Public speaking, panel moderation, event hosting

  • Editor desk sides

  • Trade shows

  • Social media engagement

  • Webinars

  • Media interviews

  • Video content