Nutrition is as personal as a fingerprint.


Rachel Begun


I'm a nutrition advocate who helps people and companies feel good about the food they eat and the work they do.



As a consultant, public speaker, writer and spokesperson, I sift through the world of food and nutrition to share an honest perspective.

I inspire individuals to live healthfully through authenticity.

Each of us has our own unique health fingerprint, which equips us with the information we need to figure out our own unique health solutions. Eating healthfully is not one size fits all but an individualized experience—so forget what the person next to you is doing. Instead, tap into your intuitive knowledge to make personalized choices that are right for you.  Most of all, love the food you eat every time you eat.

I partner with progressive-thinking organizations and companies seeking to be a part of our global food and nutrition challenges.

I help companies create and communicate their food-related missions. My combined perspective as a nutrition expert and communications professional makes me a skilled voice of reason to help companies build and execute on credible food and nutrition strategies, platforms and programming.



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I’m a consultant, public speaker, writer, and spokesperson.

Learn more about how I can help you sift through the world of food to bring an honest perspective.

Rachel has all ten fingers on the pulse of food and nutrition trends.  Her insights into what consumers want from food—both from an enjoyment and health perspective—have been invaluable to the work we do.
— Liz Moskow, Culinary Director, Sterling-Rice Group
As a nutrition advocate for our community, Rachel blends technical background with a common sense approach that makes for clear and compelling messaging. She is a known influencer, grounding her work in science, yet maintaining a friendly and approachable style.
— Jennifer North, Vice President, Beyond Celiac

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