#GiveHealthy - A Better Way to Donate Food

Food drives are the most popular way for people to help fight hunger in the United States.  Well, the food drive is getting a makeover...and #GiveHealthy is leading the way.

Forager Project - Organic. Plant-Based. Delicious.

Forager Project aims to make the world a better place through organic, plant-based, delicious foods we can all believe in.

Expo East 2017 - My Three Favorite Finds

No theme.  Just three products that I was attracted to for their value proposition and which delivered on my expectations for great taste, whole ingredients and good nutrition

LoveTheWild - Fish for Good

A sustainable frozen seafood kit company that is challenging all of the obstacles to why people don't get their two servings of fish per week.

Cookbook Suggestion: Sweet, Savory & Free

Cookbook Suggestion:  Sweet, Savory & Free

I love cookbooks that help people savor their food without worring about what they need to avoid.